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Nerve Leak releases his captivating new single ‘DR34M5’


We recently got introduced to 23-year-old Brooklyn-based producer and singer-songwriter Nerve Leak, AKA Sam Friedman, who immediately captured our attention with his latest single. Following his self-released debut EP ‘Disconnected’ from last year, ‘DR34M5’ is an effortless mixture of experimental pop music with trap influences, filled with haunting vocals and honest words. Friedman explains what ‘DR34M5’ is about:

“It’s about being caught up in the intimacy of a new love, but ultimately pulling away to mend unhealed wounds. I found myself falling for someone new, shortly after leaving an unhealthy relationship that really changed the lens through which I saw love. It was no longer this intoxicating, affirming experience.

It felt full of stress, fear, and manipulation. I wrote the lyrics as a way of admitting that I shouldn’t give myself to someone new if I haven’t yet taken the time to re-learn who I am on my own. But it’s also about confessing that you can’t turn off feelings of lust, loneliness, and inner-conflict; it’s just the first step in trying to put yourself first”

Drawing on inspiration from artists like FKA twigs and James Blake, Nerve Leak manages to create a sound that makes him stand out from the mass. Listen to ‘DR34M5’ here:

Find Nerve Leak on Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

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