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Mieke – Sleeping Alone


Sometimes when a track is really good it gets stuck in your head for a while and no matter how hard you try, it just won’t stop playing on repeat in there. But that’s okay because it’s just a really great song, you know?

Totally what happened with Mieke’s ‘Sleeping Alone’. I have a soft spot for strong female singers and you’ll understand why this one stuck with me when listening to Mieke’s splendid new track yourself. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter has a distinct vocal sound, a pure emotion to her voice and heavenly harmonies that will make sleeping alone seem significantly less depressing. Part of me thinks she’s capable of much more.

Mieke’s EP is out on August 28th – a release we at btv HQ are eagerly waiting for. Keep it up, lady!

Image: Mieke
Image: Mieke

Find Mieke on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud.

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