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Kyla La Grange unveils cover art for new track ‘Skin’


Kyla La Grange has been busy making new music for our ears to hear. She just announced that her new track entitled 'Skin' following September release 'So Sweet' is coming tomorrow. TOMORROW. Time to get excited!

The cover art shows Kyla with body paint reminiscent of a skeleton. It follows the theme that was used for her sophomore album Cut Your Teeth, released May last year. Kyla then wore neon body paint in the music video for the title track. You can check out the cover art on the left.

In case you need reminding of what electronic pop bliss track 'So Sweet' sounded like, you can find the audio below. Are you excited for 'Skin' as we are?

The cover art for 'Skin'.
The cover art for 'Skin'.
Find Kyla La Grange on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud.

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