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Kyla La Grange shares new single ‘The Knife’

Kyla La Grange is back and this time she brought steel drums!

Kyla’s new single - produced by the ever amazing Jakwob, alongside Jas Shaw and Igor Haefeli - is called 'The Knife’ and it’s all sorts of awesome. As if we weren’t excited enough already for her new record 'Cut Your Teeth’, to be released in June.


Cut Your Teeth

Full album tracklisting:

1. Cut Your Teeth
2. Maia
3. Cannibals
4. I Don’t Hate You
5. White Doves
6. I’ll Call For You
7. The Knife
8. Fly
9. Never That Young
10. Get It

Deluxe edition:

11. Big Eyes
12. Make Me Pay
13. Raise the Dead
14. Lyssa

Pre-order on iTunes here.

Check out 'The Knife’ below, we’d love to hear your opinion.


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